WindowsServer2008 switch technique

March 20th, 2015

to cancel when they log on to

according to the method of the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination logging

desktop taskbar "start –> run" enter gpedit.msc in the pop-up window.

type gpedit.msc, click OK to open the Group Policy Editor. In the Group Policy Editor left frame according to order expansion (point in front of the "+") –> –> Windows set the computer configuration; –> security settings –> local policy,Graphic switches and routers networking mode, then in the local policy can be seen below "security options",Brazilian hair, click "security options" in the right side of the box to find the "interactive logon: don’t press CTRL+ALT+DEL"

right click on the "interactive logon: don’t press CTRL+ALT+DEL" Midpoint ", in the pop-up menu, click" properties "enabled" before the circle in the Properties tab to select it.

confirmed the "enabled" in front of the circle in a black dot,Curly Hair, click "OK", then close the window. After that when you start your computer will not have landed on the press "CTRL+ALT+DEL" key combination.

tips to cancel shutdown reason

gpedit.msc, the computer configuration -> management of template -> -> system; display shutdown event tracker -> disable.

to cancel the

method must be input password login system

gpedit.msc, the computer configuration -WINDOWS settings – Settings – account password policy security strategy. Find the "password must meet complexity requires" is set to disabled on this path, "the minimum password length" is set to 0. So you can create an empty password user account

Fifty RHCE reference written questions (two)

March 20th, 2015

11 What command can you enter to find out which RPM contains the /etc/foo file?

Choose the best answer:

ciw Certifications. rpm -qa |grep foo

B. rpm -ql /etc/foo

C. rpm -qlf /etc/foo

D. rpm -q -f /etc/foo

E. man foo

12. How can I see what directories are being shared via NFS on a remote host called fileserver?

Choose the best answer:

A. Ping fileserver

B. mount -a -t NFS fileserver

C. showmount -e fileserver

D. nfstalk –query fileserver

E. None of the above

Custom SMTP header information in Exchange2007. What command do you use to edit the default grace period for quotas?

Choose the best answer:

A. quotaconfig -g

B. editquota -g

cisco Certifications. quotaconfig -t

D. edquota -t

E. quotaeditor –grace

14. You want to compile a new kernel. You have just run " make dep" should you do. What next?

Choose the best answer:

A. make bzImage

B. make dep

C. make clean>

Introduced the label distribution control mode of MPLS system structure

March 20th, 2015

Introduced the label distribution control mode of the

MPLS architecture, how to set up the MPLS system structure, we will find many ways in the network, the following article is I found in solving similar problem, and I hope to help the majority of fans.

Overview of



MPLS architecture (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a multi protocol label switching referred to, the short and fixed length label to the package of network layer packet. The architecture of MPLS from a variety of link layer (such as PPP,Virgin Peruvian hair, ATM, frame relay, Ethernet) get the link layer services, and provides a connection oriented service to the network layer.

MPLS architecture can support, from the IP routing protocol and control protocol at the same time, also supports the constrained routing policy based routing, it powerful, flexible, and can meet various requirements for new application network. The origin of this technology in IPv4,Virgin Malaysian hair, but its core technology can be extended to a variety of network protocols (IPv6, IPX).

the original MPLS architecture is to improve the forwarding speed router and proposes a protocol, however, its use is not limited to this, it is widely used in Traffic Engineering (Traffic Engineering), VPN, QoS etc, which has become an important standard of large scale IP network.

forwarding equivalence class (FEC)

FEC (Forwarding Equivalence Class) is an important concept in the structure of MPLS system. The architecture of MPLS is actually a kind of classification transmission technology, it will have the same forwarding mode (the same destination, use the same forwarding path,Java access to the client ipmac address, with the same level of service and so on) packet is classified as a class, called forwarding equivalence class. In general, partition of FEC is based on his network layer destination address. Belong to the same forwarding equivalence class packets get treated exactly in the MPLS system network structure will be.

The definition of label


tags of a fixed length, with local significance of short identifier, used to identify a FEC (Forwarding Equivalence Class). When a packet arrives at the MPLS system structure of the network entrance, it will be classified according to certain rules of different FEC, according to the packet belongs to FEC, the tag package corresponding in packets, so, in the network, according to the label of packet forwarding can be.

The structure of

TagsAs shown in Figure 1-1 structure for

tag. The structure of Label Exp S TTL map 1-1 tag, tag is located between the link layer and network layer packet Baotou, length of 4 bytes. A total of 4 domains: Label tag: tag value field, length is 20bits, for forwarding to >

The Windows Task Manager

March 20th, 2015

Windows task manager provides information about the performance of computer information, and shows the details of running a computer program and process, can display the most commonly used measure of process performance units; if connected to a network, you can also view network status and quickly understand how the web works, today, we will to fully understand the task manager in all aspects of.

from the start to start the task manager

1 Ctrl+Alt+Del

Methods the most common

start task manager:


Windows 98 or higher version, use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination can be directly transferred to. But if one after another according to the two words, Windows may be the result of a system restart, if the data word has not been saved, I am afraid to cry but no tears.

in Windows combination click Ctrl+Alt+Delete 2000 key after the point of "task manager".

click on Windows XP in Ctrl+Alt+Delete or "Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc key". You can also choose "task manager with the right mouse button to click the taskbar",It Certification Training;. Can also be in the running in the beginning to enter taskmgr.exe

uses the Ctrl+Shift+Esc key combination out in Windows Vista, you can also choose "task manager with the right mouse button to click the taskbar".

2 other good options

in fact, we can choose a more simple method, is to right-click the taskbar blank, and then click to select the "task manager" command. Or, press "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" key combinations can also open the task manager, please try it. Of course, you can also WindowsSystem32taskmgr.exe file created a shortcut on the desktop, and then this shortcut to set a hotkey, then can be a key to open the task manager.

Tips from

in Windows XP, if not use the welcome screen mode login system, then press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" key combination, pop-up just "Windows security" window, must choose the "task manager" to open.

windows what is the function of the

Task Manager

[1] task manager user interface provides file, options, view, window, shutdown, help six menu items, such as "shutdown" menu can complete the standby, dormancy, shutdown, restart,The hat to match the style, give you warm and sweet, cancel,Adobe Certifications, switching operation, its application, and process performance, network, users, etc. five tabs, Window >

Windows7SP1 test version first leaked

March 20th, 2015

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 is no longer cover, mid March Microsoft first talked about Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 the first SP service package features and improvements. Today Windows 7 SP1 an early compiler version leaked onto the Internet, the version number is 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053 (Windows 7 RTM Build 7600), compiled in March 27th.

Windows 7, SP1 only includes some minor upgrades,The girl lovely mushroom hair cool personality one summer, mainly through Windows by Update push patch. Windows 7 SP1 will also include a remote desktop upgrade edition (Remote Desktop) client, upgraded version of remote desktop client is mainly added Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 will be the introduction of RemoteFX function. It is reported, Windows 7 SP1 will make some adjustments in the performance of the system is also, such as the BitLocker drive encryption performance improvement and storage related function.

according to the Microsoft internal sources,Exams, an early version of the Windows 7 SP1 will arrive in 2010 June, unfortunately only for testing personnel to provide, but the final version is expected to be released in 2010 September. Once many times accurately disclosed Windows 7 Russian site said in April 7, Windows SP1 Beta will be released to the public, for the majority of users to test.

(before there was Windows 7 SP1 screenshots leaked onto the Internet,Oracle Certifications, version Build 7601.16502.100208-1500, completed in February 8th.)

Windows 7 SP1 Build 7601.16537 from the installation of speed up is Vista SP1 a lot faster.

Win2003 single NIC VPN+NAT Complete Guide

March 20th, 2015

, put forward the problem of

as shown in Figure 1, the unit has a private address to the network, each computer is sharing access Internet through the ADSL, in the home has a computer through the ADSL access to the Internet, and now want to secure access to the unit this machine at home, there are many ways to realize, the most safe is through the VPN.

two, what is the VPN

in this example is now the unit on this machine set VPN service, at home through the VPN client access unit of the machine, the connection is established, the two machine communication as in LAN, such as: to download the this machine in this computer files (hypothesis this machine has a FTP service),How to remove the Linux operating system command history, you can type directly in the browser: download files. Although communicate via Internet, but the whole process is encrypted, as in Internet was wearing one of only two machines to get through the tunnel, which is VPN (Virtual Private Networks) virtual private network.

diagram of 1

The advantages of


The advantage of

by VPN is the biggest security. This will introduce to the behind,Virgin Peruvian hair.

four, set the VPN service

achieve a lot of VPN mode, using router with VPN function or Linux, windows operating system, under Windows system with dual card VPN server to establish more easily achieved, but to add a network card. To introduce the contents of this aspect many, no longer. It is introduced in this paper in Windows 2003 with a single card to realize. The following describes the actual implementation process, first of all is to configure the VPN service in a on this machine.

select " ",Adobe Certifications;’" all programs start; "’" management tool "’" routing and remote access ".

set the process in Figure 2 to figure 9, figure 10 appears interface on the completion of the VPN server end single network settings, here is particularly indicated by single card must be in Figure 6 to select " custom configured ", otherwise not to proceed.

diagram of 2

diagram of 3

Many characteristics of Update Microsoft upgrade Windows software supermarket

March 20th, 2015

and no matter apart from apple, and how many intelligent systems have their own app store; do not go to the very end Is it right? Only the apple App Store is profitable, here I just say "app store" this thing.

MWC exhibition held in 2010, we finally saw the new action of Microsoft, Windows Phone released the 7 series, indicates that Windows Mobile 7 is coming, on the other hand, it also reflects the current between the intelligent mobile phone system surging undercurrent. In fact, the intelligent operating system is only the first step, want long-term possession of the user, and the necessary software store is essential, this point has already been proven countless times.

so, Microsoft recently once again to upgrade its own Windows Marketplace, even though we are smart to enjoy Windows Mobile version 6.5. The upgrade will inevitably produce a "side effect", Microsoft is not exceptional also, please the author for you explain.

first, the time required to upgrade more disk space, only the fuselage onboard capacity is not enough to complete the upgrade, i.e. the user can only buy additional expansion cards. Secondly, after the upgrade of the cross regional, country store allows users to download or upload the application, further upgrade "sharing".

addition, the charges for the part of the software, there will be some relief,Heterogeneous wireless network safety technology, such as VoIP telephone network, if the operator is not unilateral constraints, you can enjoy free. Finally,Indian Hair Closure, other links associated with software, including purchase, upgrade, will all join, in short,ibm Certifications, is convenient for the user to use.

anyway, we’ve seen the last of a series of actions Microsoft, we are also willing to take it as Windows Mobile with other intelligent system, the official sounded the clarion call of the counter offensive, let’s rub one’s eyes and wait surprise 2010.

RHEL4 DNS client configuration

March 20th, 2015

The first few article introduced the configuration of the DNS server (see specific: "DNS server configuration"), since the server then we have clients to use them. Here said the client is DNS server user, including personal use of the PC machine, including a variety of servers. In short, as long as it is sending the request to the DNS service client is.

in this article I is divided into two parts about the DNS client configuration,
Oracle Certifications, the first part is based on the Linux operating system, the second part is based on the windows operating system.

A, based on the Linux operating system of the DNS client configuration:

note: the first line, is the preferred DNS server IP address, only when the system is not from this time analysis DNS server will go to second DNS server sends a query.The great effect of

two, based on the windows operating system of the DNS client configurationIn fact,
Virgin Peruvian hair, the

Xiu Yan of curly hair fluffy winter the most popular hairstyle.

Linux kernel trace syscalltracer

March 20th, 2015

manually set the IP address command: #ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

eth0 marked the first piece of card, card IP address subnet mask of netmask broadcast broadcast address

the above command to set a good IP address of network card next to configure the default gateway (PC physical connection with recent router


route add default gw


add said adding routing default represents the default gw said gateway representation and the router IP address

my PC connection


#ifconfig eth0 192,IBM Certifications.168.1.101 netmask 255,What to eat dry hair frizz.255.255.0 broadcast

route add default gw


root@sniffer-desktop:/home/sniffer# Ping

PING ( 56 (84) bytes of data.

64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=51.5 ms

^C64 bytes from 220.181.6,avaya Certifications.184: icmp_seq=2 ttl=55 time=51.4 ms

network through

took to introduce ifconfig and route command parameter

root@sniffer-desktop:~# ifconfig eth0 down down parameter shutdown interface corresponding to the command up to start the


root@sniffer-desktop:~# Ping

ping: unknown host

root@sniffer-desktop:~# ifconf>

Add user manual steps

March 20th, 2015

only take corresponding safety measures according to the existing UNIX network system vulnerabilities, to contain the financial rate of computer crime. But the hidden trouble of security of UNIX network system is very difficult to completely eliminate objectively, one is because the UNIX system itself is a very complicated system,ciw Certifications, because two is widely used in various fields of UNIX system for several years, making it one of the most thoroughly studied system is.

basic security mechanism of

,avaya Certifications.UNIX system

1 user accounts


user account is a user in the UNIX system, legal identity, in its simplest form, is the username / password. In the UNIX system, and the username / password related information stored in the /etc/passwd file, once the illegal user to obtain passwd file, although the password is encrypted ciphertext, but if the password security strength is not high, the illegal user can by the way of "dictionary attack" enumeration to the user password, especially when the network system there is an entrance, it is very easy to get passwd file.

2 file system permissions for

UNIX file system security is mainly implemented by setting the file permissions. Each UNIX file and directory has 18 different kinds of rights, these rights can be roughly divided into 3 categories, namely, the use of access to this file owner, group and other people such as read-only, writable, executable, allowing SUID and SGID etc.. Need to pay attention to is the authority to allow SUID, SGID and executable files in the program to run, will give the owner of the rights to the process, if the intruders use, will stay hidden, provides convenience for the invaders invasion success.

3 log file


log file is used to record system using status. The log file is more important in UNIX 3:

(1) /usr/adm/lastlog file. This file is used to record the last login of each user time (both successful and unsuccessful), so that each time a user login,Sweet love season for summer 2013 mellow age hair, as long as the check all accounts last login time can determine whether the user has been stolen.

(2) /etc/utmp and /etc/wtmp files. The utmp file is used to record the current logged on to the system user, Wtmp file also records the user’s logon and logoff.

(3) /usr/adm/acct file. This file is used to record each command each user operation, usually we call system accounting.


two.UNIX system and the security of

UNIX network system using the

financial system generally adopts the client / server mode. In front of the system running client and send a request to the background system, the background server to provide services for the front office system, the function of the system is composed of a front background work cooperatively, typical applications such as: front >