SNMP framework and its implementation on the Cisco router

March 3rd, 2015

this paper give us a detailed introduction of the CISOC SNMP framework for how a router configuration,Oracle -TimesTen memory database, I believe that reading this article knows something about SNMP management framework and SNMP notification.

understand SNMP management framework

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol, simple network management protocol) is a protocol of application layer, provides SNMP management and SNMP message format message communication between agents. It provides standard management framework of monitoring and management of equipment in the network environment, the common language of communication and the corresponding security control mechanism.

SNMP management framework consists of four components:





* a for the transmission of management information between SNMP entities management protocol

* MIB Library (Management Information Base, management information base)

SNMP manager is a system of using SNMP protocol to control and monitoring of the network node. The most common SNMP management network in which the environment is called a network management system (NMS, Network Management System). Network management system can not only refers to a specifically used for network management server, can also refer to an application to perform administrative functions of a network device. There are now numerous software and hardware manufacturers to provide network management system supporting SNMP protocol on the market, such as Cisco, CiscoWorks series of network management software products.


SNMP agent is a software module management device, used for maintenance is management information data management device and can make the management data reporting to a SNMP management system in time of need. The SNMP agent and the related MIB inventory is in network equipment (such as Cisco routers, switches, access servers,sun Certifications, etc.).

MIB library is a virtual data store space keeping network management information, composed of a plurality of groups of managed object composition. In the device MIB in a library is composed of multiple groups of their respective objects associated with multiple MIB modules defined. Each MIB module is SNMP MIB module using the standard written language, specific to follow the standards defined in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force, an international organization for Standardization) STD58, RFC2579 and RFC2580 in the document (see the article "MIB and RFC" section to understand the STD document and RFC document interpretation). Attention is required, each with a separate MIB module is sometimes called a MIB,Exams, such as equipment interface group MIB (IF-MIB) is set >

Detailed answers to 29 common problems of the Linux system (8)

March 3rd, 2015

Linux as in the terminal or in text mode operation, if by next cursor keys can quickly call the previous command, but that other people with the same user login also know your operation. Also in the Linux graphical interface, such as GNOME, in the panel on the menu to open the recent documents this option, a list of recently used files of all the users. How to clean up these two properties?

1) the properties were attributed to different users, only the same user logged in to the attribute using the above.

2) there are two hidden document root directory for each user:.Bash_history and.Recently-used,Realization and summarize the Oracle snapshot principle,IBM Certifications. The former is recorded using all the commands in the terminal and text; the latter records accessed files.

3) through the introduction of the above may know, as long as the user directory below the two file clear can remove above record. If my machine used root login (a very bad habit), as long as the plus /etc/rc.d/rc/local file the following two sentences can be:

> /root/.bash_history> /root/.recently-used


every time you boot will automatically clear the two documents,sas institute Certifications, which clears the above operation record.

Use RMAN to build DataGuard in the Oracle database

March 3rd, 2015

in Oracle,juniper Certifications, use RMAN to build data guard has an obvious advantages, is available online to build DG, do not have to stop library to copy control files and data files. This paper will mainly introduce how to use RMAN to build a physical DG.

environment: Windows XP and Oracle

9201 databasePreparation of

1 Library:

– 1.1 to install the Oracle Software

– 1.2 oradim -new -sid oralocal

The 1.3 change the registry

, add a string value: ORACLE_SID oralocal

– 1.4 new password file, orapwd file=PWDoralocal.ora password=sys entries=10

The 1.5 sign on database:

sqlplus "/ as SYSDBA"

startup nomount (SPFILE or pfile have been in the case of


is below the pfile model:



*,sas institute Certifications.background_dump_dest=’D:oracleadminoralocalbdump’






*,Self security defense under WindowsServer2008.db_block_size=8192




CCIE written test difficulty how to experimentally test accounted for 10%

March 3rd, 2015

see a lot of people want to take the CCIE exam, but read many articles, found a lot of people on the CCIE test and other situation is not clear, even have a lot of rumors, I would like here to talk about my views. Believe me, that’s right!!!!

The full name of

CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. since he said it should be low level expert. (of course, can also say that MCSX is expert, but now there are more and more beginners one or two months it,sas institute Certifications, have all pan out).Cisco test has been relatively strict (of course now the CCNA series compared to, like MCSX, is estimated to flood).

The number of

CCIE, because every day a few people may have (the whole world oh), so very uncertain. Understanding according to the basic growth situation and my situation. The whole world should now have 3700 people to about 3800 people, the number of CCIE Chinese should have exceeded 60 people, the number of Cisco is said to want to limit CCIE, although it is hearsay, but from the examination of the change of view, seems to have such signs. Here to talk about a very important concept: CCIE Active and Deactive.CCIE state number is increasing, the number of said, is the total number of pass. But the Cisco in order to ensure the quality of the CCIE, every two years, the CCIE must be re certified once. Otherwise you are still CCIE (serial number is still retained), but your state is deactiv. In addition to reputation, then no other active privileges.

CCIE are divided into three classes:

1 Routing & Switching

2 ISP &amp,sun Certifications; dial

3 Wan Switching


want to in Chinese examination, it can only take the Routing & Switching. all over the world now CCIE99.9% is Routing& Switching. The other two just open.

how to review written by the

,Expert tips three problems in network management.?

CCIE exam is divided into two parts written examination and laboratory examination (in fact, according to the difficulty of calculation, written examination only accounted for 10%, ha ha). Written in all registered sylvan testing center of the test sites should be able to take an examination of, cost is 200$(than the MCSE difficult, and expensive) in order to pass the written exam. The scope of the listed above, you see later certainly will have a feeling: finished!!!! of course, the actual situation? It’s hard to say, because it is the computer problem, can draw the difficult topic may simply. But, if you really want to pass the CCIE exam, please carefully look at each part, if the daily

On the WINDOWS recovery console RC introduction

March 3rd, 2015


Windows recovery console function is to help the Windows based computer recovery is performed in not correct or unable to start to start. In safe mode and other startup methods are invalid,sun Certifications, you can consider using the recovery console.

to enter RC mode:

1. directly through XP disk boot from Windows to run the recovery console:

, follow these steps:

will Windows XP startup disk into the floppy disk drive, or the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM drive, and then restart the computer.

in the corresponding when prompted, click to select from a bootable CD-ROM drive all the options required for computer.

appeared "welcome to setup" screen, press the R key to start the recovery console. If you are using a dual boot or boot the computer, please choose the recovery console access from the fault the required installation. According to the prompt,Windows using SFTP skillfully create secure transmission, type the administrator password. If the administrator password is empty, just press the Enter key. At the command prompt, type the appropriate command to diagnose and repair Windows XP installation. You want to see a list of the recovery console provides commands at the command prompt, please enter the recovery console command or help,IBM Certifications, and then press Enter.

to view information about specific commands, please at the command prompt, type the help command, and then press Ente.

to exit the recovery console and restart the computer, please type exit at the command prompt, and then the Enter key.

2. is more convenient approach is to set it to the start menu in the startup options:

to install the recovery console, please perform the following steps:

Windows XP CD-ROM into the CD drive.

click start, and then click run.

in the open box, type d:i386winnt32.exe /cmdcons, where D is the CD-ROM driver drive letter.

appears "Windows setup" dialog box, which shows the recovery console option. You are prompted to confirm installation. Click Yes to start the installation process. Restart the computer. The next time you start your computer, you will see "Microsoft Windows recovery console" item in the start menu.

note: you can also position using the UNC install the recovery console via a network share.

How will the Oracle database of the common table into the partition table

March 3rd, 2015

in a high availability system, if need to change a table definition is a more difficult problem, especially for 7× system; 24. Oracle basic syntax provides basic may satisfy the general modification, but for the ordinary pile surface modification for the partition table, the index organized table is modified as heap table operations cannot be completed. Moreover, for by a large number of DML statements to access the table, fortunately, Oracle began to provide online redefinition table function from the 9i version, by calling the DBMS_REDEFINITION package, can modify structure also allows the DML operation.

online redefinition table has the following functions:

modify the stored parameter table;

can be transferred to the other table table space;

The increase of

Parallel Query options;

add or delete partition;


reconstruction to reduce fragmentation;

will heap table instead of index organized tables or opposite operation;

add or delete a column.

calls the DBMS_REDEFINITION package requires the EXECUTE_CATALOG_ROLE role,symantec Certifications, in addition,A detailed analysis of the boot process of Linux system, also need to CREATE ANY TABLE, ALTER ANY TABLE, DROP ANY TABLE,oracle Certifications, LOCK ANY TABLE and SELECT ANY TABLE permissions.

online redefinition table comprises the following steps:

1 select a redefined method:

The two kind of redefinition method has

, one is based on the primary key, the other is based on ROWID. Not the way ROWID for index organized tables, and redefined will exist hidden columns M_ROW$$. The default is to use the key way.

call DBMS_REDEFINITION.CAN_REDEF_TABLE (2) process, if the table does not meet the conditions of the definition of weight, will fail and give reasons.

3 in the establishment of an empty table in the middle of a scheme, based on the redefined your desired structure to establish the middle table. For example: the partition table, an increase of COLUMN.

call DBMS_REDEFINITION.START_REDEF_TABLE (4) process, and provide the following parameters: be redefined the name of the table, the middle table name, column mapping rules, weight definition method.

The Vista block WindowsUpdate forced to restart

March 3rd, 2015

most of the time, when we are busy with our work,sap Certifications, study or entertainment, Vista suddenly pop up a dialog box "to restart your computer to complete the install Important updates, however, most of the time,How to rely on the construction of VPN network security Cisco ASA equipment, we will choose to delay the restart time,sun Certifications, because, when general requirements not restart time exactly we want to restart the. But most of all, sometimes delayed, and then immersed in their own things, such as writing the report, due to write the report wrote half, suddenly found the end of the program, and then look at "being logged off..", over and over, just efforts were in vain, how suddenly to restart it? Think carefully, the original is automatically updated damn hard reset. Below, we will disable automatic update forced the restart occurs in order to prevent this situation.

, a temporary solution to

when a dialog box appears, Win+R running

net stop " windows update"

at this time, automatic update service has been disabled, but the next time you restart will failure.

two, a permanent solution to

1.Win+R running Regedit

2 directed to the following (if not a new):


3 on the right side of a new 32 bit D-Word value:

Name: NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers

Value: 1

4 to restore directly if the value to 0 keys can be modified or deleted. Editing


Output of the LinuxShell command examples

March 3rd, 2015

In the ubuntu8.04 default boot is not automatically mount the disk, for example my machine,IT certification, a 80G hard disk, use the 10G to install the Ubuntu,All you need to know about Windows7, the remaining part of the disk as a mount, generally do backup, distributed file to download.

after /etc/fstab is part of the learning again,citrix Certifications, finally can let the system automatically mount the disk.

the specific method:

query disk UUID


using a mount device mounted under /dev to /media

so I need

it will be mounted on

but if this command writes /etc/fstab, allow the system to identify yourself and mount?

CCNA process of my men, my sentiment diary (29)

March 3rd, 2015

On Friday August 12, 2005 the hot weather

the weather is still hot to life, because of the extreme weather seemed to say is to continue for several days. Hey ` Wuhan summer,Oracle Certifications, already accustomed to….

thank you tomorrow and tjwsj, thank you! Tomorrow to say wrong, in fact, your girlfriend is also sure to like me, but she is not in front of you reveal it, women are subtle,emc Certifications, like me, these words are never in front of my face of the man who say the same. Once again thank you tjwsj, you really make me feel warm! Your message will cry every time I see, thank you for always encouraging me forward! To tell you the truth, this time the eyes a little problem, see everything is vague, I do not know what is my eyes. But can’t put this serial, as I have promised will always continue to write, has written a man I pass the exam came to me, I will end this diary.

yesterday is July 7th,Examples of analysis the process of troubleshooting the Linux promoter, China Valentine’s day, really want to really want to my man, if he can pick me. I do not know how to have to suppress and express my feelings! I like a beached fish, do the final effort and the inability of the dying in the sun.

How to rely on the construction of VPN network security Cisco ASA equipment

March 3rd, 2015

asks: I work for the enterprise recently purchased a Cisco Cisco ASA 5510 and three ASA 5505, we have replaced a few stations in several working groups to users in the family SonicWalls. The equipment is to set up a site to site VPN channel, so that our working group home users can access our VoIP telephone and remote, to enter the terminal server we. I also managed to ASA test equipment from home, and test a number of aspects, but all failed. Do you have any advice?

answer: since it is transferred from a different brand of firewall, you may need a few steps to complete this work. When you work record is very important, as you become more familiar with the operation of the firewall,IBM Certifications, which is of great help to you.

The first thing

the author suggest you do is look at you every firewall permit. Although Cisco cited different permission level, I still found and what you expect a little bit different terminology: assumption 5510 there are ten user license, while the 5505 has a 5 user license, if you are from the 5505 end to the 5510 end met a VPN link, access to a complex Web sites, you will run out of all 5510 of the license, and because the processing method of license in Cisco ASA device on the VPN connection,It Certification Training, seemingly failure.

so please check between what you have ASA equipment license: if you have three ASA 550 device, a 10 user license installed on each device, you will think of 5510 for equipment total license to increase the number of user permission, until it reached the number of total company by number. Suppose in the company you have 20 users, you will think of the installation of a license on the 5510 device, support at least 50 users. You may find that the number of permits, in 5510 on the need for a higher. You need to do some testing to ensure that this point. Unfortunately, you can’t really see this phenomenon.

once you solve licensing issues,Introduced in the Apache two level domain implementation method, can be in ASA 5510 and a 5505 between two WAN ports. You may need to establish a connection between the two firewall using a crossover cable. You can also try between two ASA equipment installed a switch – a layer three switch is ideal, or you can try one with two Ethernet interface. This will allow you to from a different subnet assigned IP address respectively to those you are testing ASA device. Shall set up a site to site VPN connection. To ensure that you are able to correctly choose the route between two ASA equipment, and see all the system at each end can be connected. This will help establish a VPN connection to provide for you.

Depends on how you in the site to establish the connection between what you do next

. If the communication you just in the company’s own position must be provided to the server, to pass through VPN >