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Last entry to the Museum 16:30
6 days a week(Except Monday)

Admission Ticket

Admission is free. There is a charge for some temporary exhibitions.

Group Reserve
Contact us

126, Tianqiao ST, Beijing,100050,PRC
Reserve Tel: 010-67027702


Beijing Museum of Natural History grew out of the preparation department of National Central Museum of Natural History founded in 1951. Beijing Museum of Natural History was formally named in 1962. Being the first large-scale museum of natural history founded on our own strength after new China was established, the museum bears three main functions: the specimen collection, the academic research and the science popularization of paleontology, zoology, botany and anthropology.


The permanent exhibitions in the Beijing Museum of Natural History are mainly arranged according to the evolutionary trend of organisms,showing the Bio-diversity and its relationships with the environments and establishing a panorama of the emergence and development of the life on Earth.

Beijing Museum of Natural History boasts a rigorous yet vigorous group of scientists who carry out research and investigations. The museum has been equipped with Zoological, Botanical and paleontological laboratories with advanced instruments and equipments. In recent years, scientists in our museum have accomplished many programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation and published a number of scientific papers and works.


The collections of Beijing Museum of Natural History include many extremely rare pieces, for example, the world-famous skull of Stegodon zdanskyi, 26-meter-long Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis, and the unique mummy fossil of dinosaurs in China.

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